Leadrio can automatically sync your contacts with our cloud partners.

Currently we have partnerships with:

  • Salesforce

  • Reply

  • Hubspot

  • Marketo - coming soon

  • Pipedrive - coming soon


  • Your account must be a Manager to use this feature.

  • When you link with a partner platform it will sync contacts for all of the accounts at your organisation.

Managing Integrations

You manage Integrations via the Manage > Integrations panel:

Connecting a new integration

To connect an integration click the "Connect" button in the integrations status box.

The next steps will depend on how the partner application manages its security. We have further documentation for each partner service.

Disconnecting an integration

To disconnect an integration click the "Disconnect" button in the integrations status box.

Syncing Contacts via an Integration

Once you have established a connection to a partner application then your contacts will automatically sync at checkout.

The Checkout dialog will show you the partners that Leadiro is syncing with. You're free to close the dialog and continue searching for more contacts. Leadiro will handle the syncing process for you in the background.

You will also get a syncing logo in the header, this shows you that syncing is in progress and will clear when all of your contacts have been synced.  

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