Encryption and Resource Access

  • End-to-end 256 bit HTTPS SSL encryption
  • All non-essential ports and external network interfaces blocked by default
  • No financial data or credit information is stored in any Leadiro system
  • All account passwords are stored as one-way hashes
  • All client-side communication, sessions, and input are validated server-side
  • All media assets are securely encrypted on Amazon S3 using signed URLs
  • All account data is encrypted and securely stored in Amazon Datasets
  • All data is backed up in multiple remote data centres distributed across the world
  • In the event of server failure, all critical systems have redundant fail-overs to prevent service disruptions

Source Code

  • We perform static code analysis of all production code
  • We have Integration and Unit tests for all critical systems
  • All sub-dependencies have been vetted for security and performance issues
  • All sub-dependencies are directly bundled into the Leadiro application
  • We follow strict compliance with source code licensing and open-source licensing

Key Management

Leadiro maintains a strict policy for assigning and distributing keys which may access any production or development systems.

  • Master access keys are never distributed to any employees
  • Access keys are never stored in any version control system
  • Access keys are never stored anywhere as plain-text
  • Individual access keys are generated per employee with developer only access

Secure Workstations

  • All company workstations and laptops use encryption for storing of any potentially sensitive data
  • All company workstations and laptops use anti-malware and antivirus software
  • All client data is always anonymised for development purposes

Employee Awareness

  • All Leadiro employees have been instructed on best practice security standards
  • Leadiro employees are granted granular role access to resources
  • Any employee access to sensitive data is tracked and monitored
  • Developers only work with anonymised data

Data Loss / Security Breach

In the event of a loss of data or potential security breach, you will be contacted immediately and be kept updated in real-time as Leadiro assesses the situation. Leadiro will quickly take any measures necessary to secure and recover your data. A full incident report will be made available by Leadiro should any incidents occur.

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