Our Account Based Marketing feature allows you to find the contact information for individuals at companies on your key accounts list. Your key account list should include all the companies that fit in with your ideal customer profile and could become high-value accounts if you secured their business.

Adding a company to your Account Based Marketing list means that only contacts from those companies will be included in the search.

You are able to manage Account Based Marketing Lists by navigating to the Manage Tab and selecting ABM Campaign Lists:

Uploading a new list

Before you can use an Account Based Marketing list, you will need to first upload it to DemandScience Intelligence. You can add an entire company by entering the company name or company domain.

The formatting is important with Account Based Marketing lists. Cell A1 should be updated as "Name or Domain". Your Excel file should not have blank cells in the list. If you are blocking a company you should put www.companydomain.com and not https://www.companydomain.com. Avoid using https:// and general / in the domain.

An Account Based Marketing list is simply an Excel Spreadsheet that has one of three things in the first column:

  • A company name

  • A domain name such as demandscience.com - this will suppress all contacts at that domain.

To upload a new list:

  1. Create the excel spreadsheet.

  2. Click "Browse for File" under "Upload a new list".

  3. Select the excel file in the file window.

  4. Enter an optional name for the new list.

  5. Click the "Upload" button.

Your list will now upload to DemandScience Intelligence and be processed for matches. You'll see it under "Manage existing lists".

Downloading an existing list

  1. Click on the highlighted date next to the list in the "Manage existing lists" section.

The original spreadsheet will be downloaded for review.

Removing an existing list

  1. Click on the trash icon next to the list in the "Manage existing lists" section.

The suppression list will be removed and the contacts made available for inclusion in future orders.

Using an Account Based Marketing List when Searching

To apply an Account Based Marketing List

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