Leadiro's Account Based Marketing features allow you to directly target your most important accounts. An ABM list will narrow searches to include only contacts at the accounts you want to target.

You can have as many ABM lists as you would like, with up to 10,000 companies on each list.

Managing ABM Lists

Before you can use an ABM list in searches you will need to first upload it to Leadiro.

You manage ABM lists via the Manage > ABM Campaign Lists panel:

Uploading a new list

An ABM list is simply an excel spreadsheet that has one of two things in the first column:

  • The full name of the target company.

  • The domain name of the target company - such as leadiro.com.

You can download an example spreadsheet by clicking on the "Download a template" link.

To upload a new list:

  1. Create the excel spreadsheet.

  2. Click "Browse for File" under "Upload a new list".

  3. Select the excel file in the file window.

  4. Enter an optional name for the new list.

  5. Click the "Upload" button.

Your list will now upload to Leadiro and be processed for matches. You'll see it under "Manage existing lists" and it will be available in the search panel.

Downloading an existing list

  1. Click on the highlighted date next to the list in the "Manage existing lists" section.

The original spreadsheet will be downloaded for review.

Removing an existing list

  1. Click on the trash icon next to the list in the "Manage existing lists" section.

The ABM list will be removed.

Using an ABM List When Searching

Searching using an ABM list is just like using any of Leadiros other search selectors - just click on it in the search panel and check the list you would like to use:

You can combine ABM searches with any of Leadiros other search selectors safely knowing that the contacts surfaced will only ever be from your targeted accounts.

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