Team Accounts let you share your organization's Leadiro subscription with the members of your team. 

  • Team Accounts are available to Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. Contact if you wish to upgrade.

  • To access Team Accounts you must be a Manager for your organisation.

Managing Team Accounts

You manage Team Accounts via the Manage > Team Accounts panel:

Adding new accounts

  1. Click on the New Account button at the bottom of the "Manage existing accounts" section. 

The "Add account" dialog will appear:

Enter the new account details:

  • First and last name - the name of the account holder. 

  • Email - the email address that will be used to login and to reset passwords. This address must be the account holders real email address and able to receive email.

  • Optional quota - the individual quota for the account. For more information see the article on Understanding Quota.

  • Enabled for login - indicate if the account can login. You can use this to temporarily restrict access to an account.

  • Manage other users - indicate if this account is able to perform management functions. They will have the same privileges as all managers.

Editing an existing account

  1. Click on the desired account email address in the "Manage existing accounts" section. 

  2. Edit the details and click OK.

Removing an existing account

You have two choices if you wish to restrict access to an account:

  • Disable the account which prevents login - your colleague will be unable to login, but the account is preserved.

  • Remove the account - the account is permanently removed from Leadiro.

To disable an account:

  1. Edit the account and uncheck the "Enabled for login" checkbox.

To remove an account:

  1. Click on the trash icon next to the account in the "Manage existing accounts" section.

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