After performing successful searches you are going to want to add contacts into the cart so you can check them out for download or export.

This can be done in three ways:

  • Add individual contacts from the search grid.

  • Add all of the contacts in the search results.

  • Add a group of contacts from the search results.

Adding Individual Contacts

Individual contacts can be added to the cart by checking the checkbox next to their job title. 

They can also be removed by un-checking the same checkbox.

Adding All of the Contacts in the Search Results

You can add all of the contacts returned in the search results in one quick action by clicking the ADD ALL button in the button bar.

  • Don't worry about duplicates, any contacts already in the cart will be automatically skipped.

  • When adding all of the contacts in the search would result in a cart greater than the 100,000 contact maximum the cart will be filled and the remaining contacts skipped.

Adding a Group of Contacts

You can add a group, or batch of contacts to the cart by clicking the ADD MANY button.

Use this when you:

  • Want a cart of a certain size.

  • Want to control the which companies the contacts come from.

Total Contacts to Add

Controls how many contacts from the search results will be added. If you want them all then simply leave this blank.

Maximum Per Company

Controls how many contacts from each company will be added. Use this if you wish to restrict the number of contacts you will receive for each company.

If you don't want to restrict it then simply leave this blank.

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