NOTE: This article applies only to Enterprise accounts - not Professional, Business or Premium Leadiro subscriptions paid for by Credit Card. 

Quota For Enterprise Subscriptions

Quota is the number of contacts you have access too.

As the Manager of an Enterprise subscription you will have agreed a quota with your Leadiro sales representative.

You will have chosen to either:

  • Have a yearly subscription that is replenished every year.

  • Make a one-off data purchase that is exhausted once all of the contacts are consumed. 

Quota is Allocated to Your Organisation

  • Your quota is owned by your organisation - not individual accounts.

  • All of the account holders in your organisation draw from the common pool of organisational quota until it is exhausted.

  • Accounts draw from the common pool in a first-come-first-served manner.

  • Once your organisation's quota is exhausted it is exhausted for all of your accounts.

Limiting the Amount an Individual Account Can Use

You can set a limit to the amount an individual account can draw from the common pool by setting their individual quota in Manage Accounts

This prevents one account from taking more than their fair share.  

You can choose to set the individual account quota at whatever you want - it is a limit on the maximum they can take. Quota unused by any individual account is still available to other accounts in your organisation. 

You could for example have 4 accounts @ 500 from an organisational pool of 1,000. This would make sure any one account never took more than 500 contacts. 

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